The Designers

The Little Black Bow was conceived from a whirlwind best friend affair. We clocked several inseparable hours sharing our love for strangely beautiful things, incessant fun and mutual admiration for each other’s skills and perspectives.  As individuals, if we were to describe the inner workings of our minds, this is how it would go, 

Annora – My mind is a show reel of Amelie, The sound of Music, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I love the allure of the 50’s! I love lace, pearls, feathers, epaulettes, cigarette cases, lacquered vanities and all things pretty and old! 

Boo – In my head live mystical forests with pixies and elves, talking objects and whimsical tea parties. I’m lost in the magic of the worlds old and new, the spells of faeries, leather bound literature, carriages, vintage cars and Paris.