Mi Amor

What we did here, was look at the mysterious chemistry of girl friends that are not lovers. And even without that there are enigmatic, invisible bonds that make female friendships intriguing and impossible to understand. If cinema is to be believed, women always harbour a jealousy of each other. Shows like sex and the city and four more shots have shown us some possibilities, but most of them are glamourised and make one think going out and drinking together maybe the only way women to show up for each other or that a lot of drama and emotional exhaustion are involved for women to find great friendships. 

But we chose to explore something that we know to be true from our friendships.  The ferocity with which girls protect each other, the kindness and tenderness with which they listen and the care with which they advise. The tubs of ice cream they consume together not to get over someone but just because they love ice cream. The glasses of wine, the number of shots they share through life for fun and not for drama. The love with which they hold the other's hair through purging of too much intoxication.

A hug one day, a little pat of encouragement on another. The will with which they guard each other's secrets, the tenacity with which they raise and support each other. Girls pet sit for each other, plant sit, baby sit, parent sit. Yes, maybe we go for manicures together and go to the powder room in groups but that's possibly not to gossip together but to maybe feel less stared at by voyeuristic eyes. If we felt as safe as men always do then maybe we wouldn't feel the need to accompany each other everywhere. 

But that should be saved for another day, even though it is an underlying idea of this line and shoot. This collection was also supposed to show us the impossibility of taking on a mammoth task of organising a wedding without having girl friends to rely on. 




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