Design is our commodity. We make it in our fabrics that we hand weave. 

We weave our fabrics in rural and unreachable districts to create jobs for men and women who live in homes barely bigger than the sitting rooms of some of our houses. Their lives are hard and sometimes the goat ate my home work is actually not a lie in their world. 

Our women at hand looms and our men at needle point are irreplaceable to us and we treat them with the respect, love and care they deserve. We're trying to change the exploitative nature of this industry one person at a time. An industry that undervalues and underpays all it's labourers for higher profit margins and to remain compatible in an over saturated market. 

Our clothes may be expensive because we strive to make clothing, textile and design that will last with you for a life time and longer. We believe in fair trade and we don't under pay our labourers that work as hard towards creating our vision as we do. 

We are trying to reduce our carbon foot print by involving ourselves in as many revival and recycle projects as we can. We use our scraps to make jackets for the homeless, so they have some thing warm to wear through chilly nights. 

We take our responsibility seriously & we hope so will you.