At The Little Black Bow, we’ve always been slightly literary, a little cinematic. A pastel Wes Anderson palette hides in the symmetry of straight lines of minimalistic quirky garments. We don't follow trends. We work on creating textile and design that are timeless. We believe in preserving and reviving arts, respecting our people and making beautiful clothing.

The nostalgia of Hemingway’s Lady Ashley, the dance sequence of Pulp fiction, the glamour of Jazz blend uniquely with contemporary design influences, modern lines and whimsical embroideries here at The Little Black Bow.

We were obsessed with keeping the heroine alive in every girl and the girl alive in every man or woman who is drawn to The Little Black Bow. That everyone who wears us hears a little click clack of the hand loom their jacket textile was woven in, are inspired by it to the morning light in tiny streets with crumbling kothis, are reconciled with old crafts in their ordinary or unordinary lives was the central thought.

We were also obsessed with the idea of making inner wear outer wear. The maximum expression of the femininity of lace wandered us on to a path of too deep necklines, barely there blouses, pastel bralettes and vintage lehengas in pale pastel barely coloured colours.

 We are a project that amalgamates a contemporary design aesthetic, silhouettes and stories with Indian sensibilities, workmanship and crafts.

What defines The Little Black Bow as a work of passion and love, is the creation of something idiosyncratic with every design. Every garment has an individualistic story, a style quirk, a travel favourite, an eclectic icon. It takes time, laborious hours on detail, intricacy, hand craft and quality but this little idea and big dream of keeping dying arts alive is what we began with.

We’re here in our own space doing our own thing. Non-conforming to the rules of the business of fashion and in a silent mutiny against patriarchy, we’ve been waiting quietly for our people to find us and wear us and be part of a moment of our unique movement.