At The Little Black Bow, we don't follow trends. We work on creating textile and design that are timeless and of a quality that will last for a life time. We believe in preserving and reviving arts, respecting our people and making beautiful clothing.

The nostalgia of old world tea parties, the elegance and subtle quirkiness of Audrey, the glamour of corseted discomforts blend uniquely with contemporary design influences, modern lines and magical embroideries at The Little Black Bow. We are a project that amalgamates English design aesthetic, silhouettes and stories with Indian sensibilities, workmanship and crafts.

What defines The Little Black Bow as a work of passion and love, is the creation of something idiosyncratic with every design. Every garment has an individualistic story, a style quirk, a travel favourite, an eclectic icon. It takes time, laborious hours on detail, intricacy, hand craft and quality but this little idea and big dream of keeping dying arts alive is what we began with.

The Little Black Bow, it’s roots entrenched firmly in India, found it’s name in classic and timeless ideas and inspirations. Our love for bows wrapped this Vintage abstraction.

The Little Black Bow started as a little collection of whimsical Indian ensembles with vintage pocket watches, tea pots, bows, bird cages, keys and Victorian wallpapers turned into beautiful embroideries with Indian craftsmanship and materials and transcended into a label selling on various online portals world wide and retail stores across India.