Girls of patriarchy



We wanted to explore the innate sensuality and innocence of girls and women, not at the opposite ends of a culture spectrum but as the centre point. This amalgamation is what we are left without in books and cinema in the writing or direction of women by men. Usually we are depicted either as pure, undamaged and dutiful or sensual, amoral and reckless. So often, it gives us no choice but to pick one path, choose which society construct we want to fit in and flounder when we feel confused or trapped in the role predetermined for us. 

We wanted to explore the confidence girls would have and how at ease they would be with the world when they didn't have to live up to a preconceived notion of them. How liberated they would appear if they didn't have to worry about being labeled as loose or disrespectful of elders by the appearance of a cleavage line or midriff. 

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