Emerald Bandhini trousers, slinky nude blouse

Rs. 40,000

Crop - Nude tulle that creates an illusion of skin with a lace underlay, hand embroidered asters, lilacs, freesias with light gold floss, beads, and pearls. Skirt - Vintage pleat, high - waist handwoven, hand - dyed silk bandhini trousers with pockets  


6 to 8 weeks.


Bespoke sizing is available. Once you have processed your order, a sales representative will be in contact with you to request the appropriate sizing required. For generic sizing you can refer to the sizing chart and choose the appropriate size for you. For more information please contact

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Munira Kitabi
Emerald trousers and Nude Blouse

Ordered this for my daughter’s Mehndi ceremony and it was shipping to Canada.
The blouse did not have the cups in built in the blouse so the fit of the blouse was not right. Also, all Indian Designer should know that when you have a blouse where you cannot wear a bra it is a norm to build a cup inside.
The back hoops was with a cheap looking elastic strap with makes the blouse from the back look cheap and not professional done.

The designer knew it was being sent overseas so should have made sure everything looks good and was properly done.
I have to now spend money to find a tailor to fix this and put a cup in the blouse.

Also, the site does not show you the back of the blouse so you are unaware of what it looks like.

The pictures are glamorous but not happy with the end product

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